Welcome to Eatster! (A Meta-Holiday, Proposed by Chika Michelle Okafo) slots with bonus rounds

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(Eatster! A Meta-Holiday.)

Once a year, six times a year, whenever the mood strikes, gather the people you love, stuff your face, maybe dance a little, cut loose.  No pressure, no seasonal sweatshirts and no dry-ass turkey–unless, of course, you love yourself some seasonal sweatshirts and dry-ass turkey!

Pick a day, any day. Whenever you need it, Eatster! is there for you.  Because you’re here, making it through the day to day, and for that reason alone you deserve it. A celebration for the sake of it almost sounds un-American, but I promise you, it’s exactly what we need.  I’ll be celebrating my first Eatster! soon; the whole world is invited and there just even might be some dry-ass turkey.

If you want, you can invite me to yours; I would love nothing more than to spend my days watching the world celebrate.


Chika Michelle

(Read a metapoem Michelle wrote as a kid: The Wacky Poem Writer.)

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